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You Can't Say The Word Gentleman Without Saying Man

Looking good and smelling good are just parts of being a Gentleman, sometimes you gotta get your hands dirty. Knowing how to fix things, make things and maintaining things are also a part of being a Gentleman. But when it comes to doing these things, the willingness to do them is just as important. No one should have to tell you or force you to do things that you know need to be done, you should just do them. Changing flat tires, pumping the gas, fixing the kitchen sink and for the more advanced, remodeling the kitchen or bathroom helps you to take pride in the word Man that follows the word Gentle.

Sometimes You Have To Cook

Whether you are a bachelor, in a committed relationship or married, you still have to eat, nothing say's GROWN MAN better than a Gentleman who knows his way around the kitchen. So even if you've had a long day at work, sometimes come home and say "Baby, go relax I will cook dinner tonight." (Oh and by the way Gentlemen, don't forget to CLEAN THE KITCHEN AND WASH ALL DISHES WHEN FINISHED!)


Make sure you season the food properly and cook it to her taste and satisfaction, not yours.

Finishing Touches

  1. Proper wine to go with meal

  2. Can't go wrong with fresh fruit for dessert

  3. Candles are optional....Nah candles are a must

  4. Enjoy

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