Our Mission

Providing high fashion and high quality men’s apparel and accessories at affordable prices. Abolishing the parallels and the stereotypical views of what it means to be a gentleman.


Our Vision

Our Vision coincides with our tag line of “Redefining the Standards of Men”. We will accomplish this goal by not only providing quality men’s apparel and accessories, but also providing solid advice and examples of what it truly means to be a True Gentleman.


Our Story

People always asks us, “What’s the story behind The True Gentleman Collection?” It’s quite unpretentious really, The True Gentleman Collection is far more than just men’s accessories, The True Gentleman Collection is a “Long Term commitment to a Gentleman’s Lifestyle”. It’s a dedication to the preservation as well as the resurgence of what it truly means to be a gentleman. The basic philosophy behind the True Gentleman brand, takes its roots from a time when men thoroughly understood “How to be Gentlemen”, and took pride in that fact.

Redefining the Standards of Men

Over time, it seems as though society has lost perspective as to what it means to be a True Gentleman. Everything from the “Hustle and Bustle” of career building to the sometimes cold realities of “Self-Gratification”, have skewed societies views of what it means to be a True Gentleman. Today, people tend to parallel the term Gentleman with passiveness or define it as an outdated and unnecessary code of conduct.  Nothing could be further from the truth and The True Gentleman Collection is on a mission to abolish those parallels all the while “Redefining the Standards of Men.”

Our Guarantee

The True Gentleman Collection brand proudly stands behind all of its products. If it says The True Gentleman Collection on the tag, bag, box or on anything that we have produced, you can rest assure that it is of high quality material and crafted to perfection. 

                                                                                                    Christopher M. Hagger, Vice-President

                                                                                                             The True Gentleman Collection

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